Pattern of this Road Travelled

A train of thought puzzles me:

Every person takes generations to evolve out of abuse.

Therefore, there is no doubt that every culture takes generations to grow out of abuse.

The road taken by countries all around the world changed with trade.

Europe and Asia had invasions and war at different levels.

The English, French, and Spanish decided to expand their territories by colonizing.

The biggest expansion was by the British. How long did they take to recover from their abuse in history?

How fast are their colonized / abused supposed to recover and compete with them? Why should they? Is there a presumption here that aggression is the better way?

Before all Nations recover, another power hungry nation rises to dominate. Why do some countries want to be the standard of comparison in aggression, not Peace?

Can we discard this path and reduce national greed and change tracks of domination and competition?

Or, is it convenient to decide this is human nature, and there is no other way because of some vague reason. WHO gave these reasons?

The Road Taken



10 thoughts on “Pattern of this Road Travelled

  1. Such a great post! Very insightful and philosophical!! I loved your line – “A train of thought puzzles me:” So unique!! Oh, and it isn’t just a vague reason – It’s religion and a distorted view of God. Look forward to following your blog!

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    1. I’m glad you stopped by and spent time here. I sincerely appreciate people who look beyond. 🙏 May I clarify one thing though that I would not like to distort any sacred notions ever. But this post can apply to diverse concepts such as history, war, choices, etc., wherever the readers perspective journeys.😉

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  2. Fear is the stone we keep tripping over even as we appear to evolve.As long as we continue to make decisions based on fear, we will live in a paradigm of winners and losers. Mostly losers. 😉 xoM

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