Creating Vivid Images for our Children

Is there a solution to hate crimes? I sincerely hope so. We must counter this Vivid wave of hate for the word and person, “Immigrant.” The ripple effect that started last year from the top. It is trickling down, changing the definition as well as the minds. Will these word twisters also get to the Constitution?

For those disturbed, it has legitimized and generalized their personal reason to hate and act out. It needs to be clarified to the disturbed / jobless that Justice will see crime as a crime, regardless of who does it. Hopefully, without a waiver on therapy. There is no therapy for an insecure person with a weapon. Person with absolute hate or irrational blame for being jobless in present day society of competition, needs therapy in a controlled setting with feedback.

When you read the content here, especially the lower half of the page, you will see that criminals were very useful in the beginnings of education in Amercia (more details in reference given below: Resist. Accept. Change.) Besides, even if all the present day criminals were sent away, crime will erupt again. It is the way human nature works.

Immigrants of all kinds. From the beginning of America.

The roving eye has been replaced with the camera; the conversation has been replaced by pixels and bytes; and common sense has been replaced with education. And last but not least, the dreams that we talk of, can be bought with (falsely made significant) money.

In a crises, people turn to faith. Each belief-system, believes or propagates that a great soul came down from the heavens, dealt with struggles in human form, and lay down their lives for human battles. If people cannot manage this on Earth, who will come down? No one came during the World Wars, during Hitlers time.

Has Britain made a crime – free society by sending all their criminals to Kala-pani* or America or Australia? Are America and Australia going to try the same?

Are we in the wrong?
Maybe we are in the wrong wrong.
Maybe there is no wrong…
Maybe. It was just a passing song.

I wonder what attitude bred ideas that immigration to the West can be charged heavily; but anyone can go south or east, settle, and convert simple locals to follow their way for free. or, study them like animals in a cage in the name of exploration. Once the converted get used to the new way and desire more of it, then we can find reasons to compare and hate them on home ground for being more hard working, courageous instead of calling for help, or even criminal out of economic or emotional frustration themselves.

More pages and details with this article here:

  • *Kala-Pani: An island, now populated and recognized beautiful, away from Indian shores, had a cellular jail for people who resisted against the Colonial Rulers. There is a light and sound show which highlights the life of the patriot till the final, hanging visible from those waiting in the their cells for the same.

Praying for peace to these families and for common sense to activate. Please add names from your community who had been rejected and sent away from the land they had moved to or been killed in your lifetime, and I will update this list.

  • Robert Chilowa, Nigerian, saved two kids from fire. Deportation orders underway.

  • Srinivas Kuchibhotla, Indian engineer, US, shot and killed by ex-naval-disturbed.

  • Garcia de Rayos, Mexican, mother separated from her children.

  • Sikh man, shot in arm, US.

  • Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, deported thrice, declared and committed suicide, US.

  • Narindervir Singh, Asked to go back home, Australia.

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