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It Never Goes Away!

Unless, we STOP!

Hundreds of years of servitude

Taught us to salute the Abusers.^

Forgetting their atrocities; adopting the same attitude-

We shameless, torture now; making miserable, our own.


^Abusers: Whether they be British, Greek, Muslim, French, Spanish or ANY Invader of ANY Nation at ANY point in history.



Jab tak, hum na Rukk jayein.

Kai sau varshon ki gulami,

ney sikha di hamey Ku-prayogi^ ki salami.

Unke zulm bhool; vahi ravaiya apnayey-

Hum besharm, apnon ko ab satayey!


^Kuprayogi: Chahey voh dur-upyog karney waala Angrez, Greek, Muslim, French, or Spanish yaan phir koi aur Aakramankari, kissi bhi desh, kissi bhi aitihasik mor par kyon na ho.



An exploration into perspectives that make day to day life sane, insane, unique, or fun.

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