murmurs in minds gardens

manicured lawns, quaint arbors, and picket fence,

fading symbolism drowning an ideal.

arid earth below invite in a dry voice, hence;

like the blank page does to the mind surreal.


childhood images of petal trails and floral whispers

conjure up plans of bushy dreams from days of yore,

arbor blooming along with buoyant creepers,

concerns of health bring visions of edibles galore.


magic happens with shovel, clay, soil, and will-

sweat n grime toil yourspace i determine.

challenging clay reminding of cotton who till.

make it! create it! myspace i home in.


annually i add a little more, come spring n shine,

balancing rains, pesticide and chemical free sprinklings.

never the same plant, idea, or person mine.

of a vibrant garden- i’ve joyous happy inklings.


the first bee! the first butterfly returning

sign the guest book of my eco-system in play.

birds are visiting the worms that are turning

my soil that i finger and crumble yearly today.


as the garden comes alive, we all are growing,

myriad colors blossom, unified by green in time;

i pause to realize, the sun’s blessings a’flowing

give, nurture, consume – all breeding a healthy mind.


dancing with the breeze, one with a leafy tease,

i hear the earth speaking to me with stealth:

what you put in, is bearing fruit with ease-

among the gentle tendings, both mind and health.


what of pests and thorns, minor ills n scorn,

decay as significant as the beauty so near.

nature is active! murmur all my new born-

worship in work, shows me the way right here.


nature- the most beautiful guru sharing with abandon;

mine to bear are consequence, rewards, work n fun.

i am just a tiny blossom blown from my parent garden

spreading seeds, musical murmurs in minds gardens.





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