I’m … merse by Immersion

I’m (learning about) merse by Immersion

  • The Scottish fertile merse, lowland area north of Tweed, marsh.
  • River near Tuscany.
  • Carnivorous aquatic creature: looking like a jelly fish under a lillypad with teeth.
  • Merse: on sound cloud
  • MERS: middle east respiratory syndrome/camel flu
  • bag: european leather shoulder bag, a wallet type item.
  • man purse
  • MERS (R) system: Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems: a national electronic registry system that tracks changes in servicing rights and beneficial ownership interests in mortgage loans registered in its database. MERSCORP holdings.
  • mersinc.org
  • Rapper, emcee, author, public speaker.
  • Doctor’s office name common in UK.
  • Football: English professional player, manager, and football TV pundit: Paul Merson



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