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Shree Chauhan Vs. Sean Spicer: Interesting Interaction!

In my mind, both of the humans acted on impulse. They didn’t know they’d run into each other at the Apple Store. She asked him a direct question, probably with no introduction, and was already recording a video as she spoke. He tried to keep his cool, but got provoked, and  gave a fairly common hurt reaction to a stranger. Both kind of right in their own ways.

To me what is really interesting is that she being an american citizen, was addressed as an Indian. And that gave Indian newspapers reason to talk about it too.

The instinct that I am referring to here is of public responses. Americans on Facebook were ashamed that Sean Spicer said such a thing to an Indian lady, and being a leader, he should have handled the situation better. And some of them said good things about Indian friends.

Indian men mostly, on Facebook, chastised Shree Chauhan, and said that she was lucky to get off easy in America, and that she was very annoying. Some of them seemed to be saying things to the effect, that she would not have been tolerated by men like themselves in India.

💚People of both democracies, insisted they were ashamed of their country’s representative: Insinct Interesting! ❤️ Do you think such experiences or news help us Stop. Think. Evolve. into better people. 💙What would you do if you were in such a situation?




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