River: Corporation or Living Being?

You may have come across the news item that the Maori’s have obtained legal status for their Whanganui river, New Zealand, of a Human. I read comments that mocked the people for their choice and idiocity of the whole idea, and so on. What I hear is a beautiful concept that allows people to respect their natural resource, treasure it for it’s unconditional giving and nurturing abilities, and moves people, literally and figuratively!

When we don’t understand a concept, human beings tend to fear it or mock it or change it. I’m sure if I pull up more literature on it, some more technical variables and vocabulary will pop up. But my goal is to simplify, not produce jargon heavy material that never reaches 98% of the┬áworlds’ population.

Many cultures have evolved fearing, respecting, or worshipping Mother Nature in some form or the other. We have seen it through civilized logic for way too long. The older perspective has survived colonialism, and other dominating cultures for a reason. What if, to keep to the margins of the Maori example today, we ask the people of New Zealand and try to understand the cultural sentiment from someone who understands the modern and Maori perspectives?

Whether a people respect God in Church or in Natural features or even in animal species, that is their belief and interpretation. Much has been lost in inconsiderate translation and international standardization endeavours over the centuries. Domination didn’t work, Hitlerism didn’t work either, and mockery is trending right now- for better or worse.

Question is: Is mockery the new way to dominate after colonialism, hitlerisms, and corporation culture transmitted through trainings?

The way I rationalize is that at least we are having conversations about each other’s beliefs … sometime’s even nastiness, as in current immigration and refugee discussions in Europe and America. In time, these conversations might evolve along with us and I hope we get talking about each other’s strengths.

Are we expressing Massive disrespect for belief systems that have survived Millenia?!


2 thoughts on “River: Corporation or Living Being?

  1. i lived in New Zealand for a bit and my experience if you allow me to share, is that the earth was alive there, seriously alive and breathing and moving as you walked in her beauty, I managed to save some photos before I lost most of it carelessly but nothing can compare to being there for yourself. And the Maori love and claim the world as something more than just sand, water or air, every living thing has a spirit and given a name like the clouds even. You have written a lovely piece here but sadly humans , are a forgetful and callous lot, taking greedily when in need and then passing judgement when they don’t understand or forget the abundance of the giving in the beginning. We are evolving backwards into an evil nature that first walked the earth, maybe its time for a reawakening and shift in the system of things, to bring real humans back into the system of things. and with it respect and love for one another’s culture, heritage and beliefs as we as for Nature that is nurturing us without us realising it.

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    1. Well, sure! Appreciate your sharing. Sometimes I wonder if we can unlearn some education, go back to being less commercial, and practice respecting our givers. I’ll briefly mention that the prettiest places and happiest most content people I’ve seen/met were those to which had no roads to civilization.

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