Rape of word. Rape of person.


It’s funny how sometimes words can suggest to us a mood for the day. For us wordpressers, it’s the daily prompt once in a while. After reading the word conquer, I knew it’s a fun one and I was going to talk about a topic much in the news, but I had to drive back from my trip first. So I thought of the concept I would discuss, will be Mape, as in male rape.

As I was leaving, I just mentioned to my friend I wanted to do write-up on a role reversal, in the context of rape. A child right away asked, “You mean something like the Gulabi Gang?”

I was surprised at two things simultaneously: a child remembering it which meant I had discussed it ages ago with them and secondly, me not having an original idea and thus disappointed in the bargain.😉😄

Sure I was bummed out about my lack of originality, but then I thought of it as how so many of us are inter-connected in world; as in our stories, ideas, and experiences. But what matters is being strong enough to giving the credit to the source of origin and inspiration.

Rape of someone else’s body of words’ sans consent, to feel powerful in a display of creativity, would be as dis-respectful, as preying on a vulnerable body for your own fulfillment and dishonorable intentions, without permission.

On WordPress, whenever I find an article which has fed off another, I always check the date of publication and compliment the original writer! Such an awesome feature … Tells you right away what’s up🙃 or 🙂?

So today’s post is about giving the credit that is due, to the Gulabi (pink) Gang. Twenty-first century! It was time women had banded together to help each other conquer their fears in thought and action. Here’s a helpful link. As I read this, I am glad the word conquer came up today, for I have learned that GG is way-way bigger than I had known. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulabi_Gang

At the end of the Wikipedia page, three movies and a book are listed:
1. 2010 movie Pink Saris by Kim Longinotto.
2. 2012 documentary Gulabi Gang by Nishtha Jain.
3. Bollywood film, Gulaab Gang, starring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla.
4. 2013 Book. “Pink Sari Revolution: A Tale of Women and Power in India.”

I stand taller and prouder to know that there are such leaders in society. Hats off to the Ladies who took initiative and Gentlemen who support them!

At my end, all I can say is about consequences for rape of word or person. “Mape can be the rape consequence given to a male rapist. Also, it can mean males who cannot suppress their animal instincts, and end up behaving like an ape.” The only rapist I have seen sat on a chair like a sick fragile man, doubled up, who had preyed on teens, choosing the weak ones.

A sick-out-of-control-suppressed-ape? Have you ever seen or known anyone like that? Maybe they craved respect and power from their childhood, and this was the only shortcut they found. Would a timely skill or job or even a loving hug have helped the boy recover his self-esteem? Demeaning experiences in a child’s life can have such scary consequences!

For the aspiring writer (read w-rapist), I believe not getting published or liked would be the biggest consequence. 🤔 Of Course, like any other words, mape or wrape doesn’t have to mean anything either.

P. S. I acknowledge your gracious 💐 visit to my blog even though I was away to meet a friend on this weekend. Catching up with you all soon! Thank you!!!❤️


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