🗝The Key. Acceptance.

Once I looked up to the other side:

title from famed institutions

the grass, greener,

the truth, truer

the cool, cooler

the pretty, prettier

the useful, more useful

I believed to be, on the other side.

One day, lucky I went to the other side:

seeking knowledge, hello Halo!

The grass still greener

The truth still truer

The cool still cool

The pretty much prettier

The useful indeed very much so

I was confirmed to me, on the other side.

Time and again, I looked to both the sides,

not finding knowledgeable in institutions.

Only how to’s: make grass greener

make the truth, truer

make the cool, cooler

make the pretty, prettier

marketing the useful, as necessity

I was surprised by the how to’s and makings of the side.

Then I looked to the inside, the me who saw all the seeing,

Halo-free, acceptance of life as it’s meant to be.

grass, truth, cool, pretty, useful-

How-to free, Make-ing free

just sitting around

as they are meant to be,

changing only with seasons and perceptions,

I am with the key, acceptance of life’s essence, common to all I see.



9 thoughts on “🗝The Key. Acceptance.

    1. 💞Thank you so much, dear! I can just feel the overflowing love🤗 I appreciate it but I have to tell you to please visit my about page and you’ll understand why I don’t do well with awards. It helps me stay focussed on a blog a day with all other responsibilities😉🙏

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