Stress: our Mirror

  1. We can do research, write books, do courses, get degrees, but they are quite meaningless in face of stress; we humans fall prey to our own perceptions, colored by our own prejudices, and react from own fears, using zero logic.

Is that when we begin to draw borders, build walls- under duress?
Underestimating what we will do to OUR OWN / species under stress?

P.S. Go for a drive during rush hour with your future life, business, or political partner before you sign up.



8 thoughts on “Stress: our Mirror

    1. Thanks! Appreciate your thoughts. Also, thank you for your link … and for leading me to your post on teens, technology dependence, and the pressure they face for competition.
      If I’m missing a point, please clarify. On my part, I must further elucidate that my stand was inspired by the U.K. Photograph circulated of a simple passerby in a hijab, and how people mis-judged and a scarfs’ symbolism triggered people’s judgements on her religion and insensitivity to the injured person on the ground.
      Within 24 hours, thousands of people had rebuked or supported her. Since she was clearly upset about the going ons and requesting people not circulate her photo, I didn’t put the photo here, nor refer to the incident. Thus my question remains, how we behave, judge under stress, is
      amazingly not dictated by education or logic, and we humans fall prey to our own perceptions, colored by our own prejudices, and react from own fears. Thus reflecting our true personality in the mirror. I apologize for the lack of clarity.

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      1. Typically, I am not in sync with how all of us spring to react to anybody and everybody’s response to a situation/person. If we have the right to our views so does the other person. It may be totally opposite to ours.
        Who are we/individual to decide that our opinion is the best and the only one possible? That’s what is happening around us. I’d like to call it hyper-reaction!

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