All the better to cope with you, dear Life;)


Benefits of waking up with the Sun: 

you COPE better early, than late!
  Concentration.  Oxygen.  Peace.  Exhilarate

    Since early morning rising is important to me, I remembered this morning how beneficial it was for me and wrote down what I get out of it, in a formula form. The funny part is my habits changed after marrying a late night family, and I am now trying to emerge from residual habits. I used to be up at 5:30 am for a walk or horse-riding before college or work everyday, depending on where I was in life at the time. I remember the cool, crisp, and fresh air; the peace in tune with silence and nature; and people calmly getting started with their mornings, the fields, and flowers greeting the sun with joy.

And me, getting my mind and body in sync for the day, without realizing it;)

 Credit: Thanks to my fellow bloggers: Settleinelpaso team. They wrote a nice piece on early rising and being better organized at work.


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