Travel iRight


It’s time to pause and think when: Travel becomes a Right-ful consumeristic orgy of “I wants” vs. being a wholesome cultural experience.


9 thoughts on “Travel iRight

    1. I’m like that too sometimes: questions leading to more questions😉 Yes, we can learn to be content at home. But if the gypsy Roaming DNA kicks in, then my point was be wary of the consumerism that hits the choice of place and duration. The experience depreciates in value faster than a car rolling out of the showroom!

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        1. That’s right! I focussed on only one variable of it. I do appreciate the value of a long term experience having lived in many locations by default of army background.
          Wonderful if people can save and plan to do that! Definitely there is more value to be gained from less number of vacations, but longer stay, for experiencing with an open mind, atleast one or two cultures in depth.

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    1. Desire and want as a consumer to check it off your list : to be able to say “been there done that!”? Shopping for souvenirs? And checking off list of sights in numbers?
      Need to explore or learn, as a response to curiosity: Get to know the culture of a place, it’s people, their food, their faith, their school system, their games, and stories?


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