Roaming-exploring-evolving DNA: Stagnant?


Would it be prudent to ask if our diverse institutions, especially that of religion, of the longest standing, whichever faith any of us belong to, is meeting our needs for growth and evolution as human(e) beings?

Every religion has been through a process of birth, growth, and change in its own evolution. It has brought us to this point where we are still striving for understanding our own species with tolerance of varying degrees.

As human beings, we must in our lives, change with the times, and in our later years grow in detachment from earthly dependencies. Right?

Shouldn’t Religion as a major institution, also do the same for its growth. Don’t you think it must guide us out of consumerism? Infact, it must set an example by freeing itself from its own wants, needs, and competition.

Obviously then, religion must not be a game of numbers. Therefore, how do we evolve with religion to guide people to the next higher level of human evolution, which cannot be in the realm of competition.


16 thoughts on “Roaming-exploring-evolving DNA: Stagnant?

  1. I honestly think that religion has become a very blunt instrument to tackle the problems we all face. It would be better to focus on what we have in common rather than on what divides us and religious dogma is very divisive.

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      1. Well said! As a humanist, I’m much more interested in what we have in common than in what divides us. Solidarity is as important as freedom and equality, to quote the French Revolution slogan!


        1. As far as common goes, we can take it back all the way to DNA or even monkeys. But some us are for n against Darwin too!🐒Meet my ancestor. Did yours look any different or talk a different language? Ooo-ooo, aaa-aaa! (I’m mocking humans here, in general)
          Loved the slogan! Thanks.

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          1. Tut tut … I agree, Absolutely no excuse! I’m going to blow the whistle on … I have an idea, but Lord Kingsbury, where’s thy contact form?! Wondering if you want to do a write up together on this theme?
            (In good spirit, I call everyone in England, Lord. Is that okay?)

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          2. Oh dear, have I breached some unwritten rule in putting that cheeky link in that reply? Thanks for promoting me to the peerage, by the way, another step on my journey to world domination … (evil chuckle!)

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    1. Rules of evolution!🙂 I wonder if the current passive and impatient social trends might be hindering progress; partly due to few lifestyle preferences, which to me, are against human nature, as well as the good intentions of religion.

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