L.I.K.E. Trans-planting 🌱Champions?🎄


Raising champions VS. Buying Champions:  What is the reason it became necessary?

L : Look for athletic talent in young kids.🌱
I: Import them into your own country.🌿
K: have them play for Cash, Kompetition sports.🌲
E : give them Employment benefits. 🎄

Reminds me of the old-fashioned 🐔cock-fighting!🐓 All for an exciting game and winning big money🤑

It looks glamorous, the sudden change, get a new family, nice clothes, money, etc. But what do you think happens to the child’s whole family and life thereafter? Uprooting from family, culture, and – the pressure to perform and fit in a new culture. What if it doesn’t work out? Can u return the product to the parent company?💸💰

Million Dollar Arm Official Trailer – YouTube

⚖ Does it do Justice to the simple athletic person who was a nature friendly, happy person, living a simple life, to be thrown into chasing money ?⚖


15 thoughts on “L.I.K.E. Trans-planting 🌱Champions?🎄

  1. Yesss.. I do love traveling…
    And I love being free spirited..

    I’m was thinking of older kids who get scholarships and accepted in a foreign school or some opportunity to make a career of their skills..

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  2. I love L.I.K.E.
    These are not babies 👶 or younger kids.. we are talking about..

    These would be old enough kids who are ready for adventures and change.. and all excited to experience new places and being independent..

    Adjusting and fitting would be easy..
    and the profession is something they obviously 🙄 enjoy 😊..
    the money 💰.. a big bonus… the opportunity.. very fortunate..,
    It’s very motivational and encouraging and makes them feel so successful..

    As for the parents. And families.. they are so proud and pleased 😁..

    It’s all about excelling in this life doing something you love….

    And the choice of refusing and returning home 🏡 is always an option..and choice

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I have a wonderful feeling that you love traveling and enjoying your freedom! Enjoy and all best wishes for your future😉
      I am here concerned about much younger kids who are separated from their families and taken to another country and given a new family for sports.

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    1. Yes, indeed. Within countries and importing from other countries, both are a problem, in the sense of family and health repercussions. I hope we can get past money being a success counter, to ease the greed in competitive sports.

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