Romancing the Ink Pen


Do you remember writing with an ink pen? Though it was messy as a fourth grader, when we were required to handle that along with a regular size ink bottle, as well as a personal pocket dictionary.

But we learned! My favourite part was after refilling the ink: squeezing the pump, checking the level, making sure it was a uniform fill, and bubble free.

The magic moment of putting the pens’ tip down on paper, tapping it to see the ink move pass the test scratches I’d make.

Or, the magical moment of putting a new nib in … The delightful smooth flow of writing soon as the cusp struck paper! Aah, it was like driving a brand new Mercedes after being stuck with a 1999 jeep for twenty years.

Did you ever make your own colors by mixing red and blue? Splatter someone with ink on a white shirt? Run to wash hands because the tube cracked? Those were the days… 😄



20 thoughts on “Romancing the Ink Pen

  1. I used to love dipping my pen with its metal nib into India ink and drawing. I use an ultra fine point Sharpie pen now. I have an art drawing pre-scheduled coming up soon! Thanks for liking my recent posts.:)

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    1. Thank you❤️for such a generous compliment! I couldn’t write a single creative thing in my 20s … running all around the country, etc. You already write so beautifully that I look forward to your writings.
      About the pen … it’s something to do with a disease gradually creeping in, called nostalgia😄

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