💣Viral Denial🔫 Vatif and Masti are at it again!

Are we in Denial about the significance of weapons industry in WARs around the world?

Instead of killing 50 people with bows and arrows, we are now civilized enough to kill millions people without looking at them.

Hmmm🤔 I hear voices: it’s Vatif and Masti again. Do you remember the two voices that sit on my shoulder that talk non-stop to confuse me? One is a little insecure and asks what if questions all the time, fearing the worst. The other is happy go lucky and always looking for fun and lighter moments.

Vatif: “What if weapons production was stopped?”

Masti: ” Nooo, then our world will be over-populated but we want to keep all our good resources to ourselves! Wink wink.”

Vatif: “What if we get killed by the side effects of our own weapons?”

Masti: “Ha haa! We won’t even come to know! Relax!”

Vatif: “What if you had common sense? You are so stupid!”

Masti: “Let it go, chill! Tch … such an idiot! Let’s go to the lake for a picnic.”

Vatif: “What if a snake or alligator comes out and bites me?”

Masti: “Oh, come off it! Let’s go boating! We’ll worry when something happens …” And starts singing a song🎵

They go rowing and have a picnic into the sunset🌅 and go to sleep in peace.



10 thoughts on “💣Viral Denial🔫 Vatif and Masti are at it again!

  1. good and evil cannot reconcile their thoughts, one always trying to outdo the other. loved your musings. weapons of mass destruction is the choice as they ones using it don’t have to see the eyes of those are annihilating. very strong dialogue to stress the point!


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