Typo tests Personality😉


“Who do you want to be; Outlier or Out-liar? That is the question.”

Translated from Thinkinkadia English: Out-liar is someone who, in the effort to fit in, conforms to the social group, even if one must be masked, regular conformist, or an outright liar.

According to Dictionary.com: Outlier is
something that lies outside the main body or group that it is a part of (something). OR

someone who stands apart from others of his or her group
synonyms: nonconformist, original, dissenter, iconoclast, outsider.


18 thoughts on “Typo tests Personality😉

        1. 👍 Thanks for the update! I had no idea. I’m out of touch with Freudian Following😉
          Cool … I like the Out- word family building here. Maybe we can save some for the outlier people going to Outer space. This outliness is outrageous y’know! Would this be all-out extroversion? Or, I’ll be put in a psych ward for Word-O-manic-expressive Disorder?

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