Pro of a Con!


Do not be discouraged when someone puts you down;

Puts you down in your own or another country;

In the other country: your own kind or those who claim the land their own;

For, when they put you down, they know no better, themselves-

That when they keep you down, they are treating you like a spring.

And when the spring is pushed down all the way, it’s wound up very tight,

And it has no other way left to go, except UP😉

So my friends, Hang in there tenacious! It’s time to be thankful 🙏


21 thoughts on “Pro of a Con!

  1. Inspiring words. As humans, we are bogged down easily by what people say or do. We all have immense potential and the moment we get rid of myopic views, we will fly our way to conquer destinations.


    1. Thanks, Vishal, for visit and compliment. I love the way you summed it up so beautifully. Myopic views are just that and worth not an iota of thought but in the thick of things, we don’t see that and apply the knowledge. Wishing you the best in your Flight Destination.

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