Blindly in Love n Fear


When you travel for the first time outside your City, State, Country, or Planet: what happens?

Strange new experiences wrap themselves around you; now surprising, now challenging, now scaring, now charming, now lovingly making you love back!

You had no idea how you would react but then you gradually learned to love the unknown. Atleast, that’s how I fell in love with adventure.

A warm fuzzy feeling takes over your mind and body and the brain becomes blank. Later you wonder if that was love.

A hair raising tingle accompanies a mind – body panic alert and the brains goes blank. Later you define your fear.

In my view, fear is as irrational and blind as love.

Here’s my question to you: Since blind fear has failed and cause so many problems, can we switch gears to blind love?

Ok, fine. Keep one eye open😉 But atleast try it three times before giving up on it. Whether the fear is of a smart student, cop, ex, politician, soldier, businessman, thief, or even a terrorist. (Feel free to give your own example because I’m simply, brainstorming here).

There is one thing common between them all. What is it?

(I’ll post your answers in a few hours, just to have max original bias-free responses. There is no right or wrong answer in my head for sure).


23 thoughts on “Blindly in Love n Fear

  1. I think there is too much fear of difference. We need it to know who we are. Hope you don’t mind me pasting this Philip Larkin poem:

    The Importance Of Elsewhere

    Lonely in Ireland, since it was not home,
    Strangeness made sense. The salt rebuff of speech,
    Insisting so on difference, made me welcome:
    Once that was recognised, we were in touch

    Their draughty streets, end-on to hills, the faint
    Archaic smell of dockland, like a stable,
    The herring-hawker’s cry, dwindling, went
    To prove me separate, not unworkable.

    Living in England has no such excuse:
    These are my customs and establishments
    It would be much more serious to refuse.
    Here no elsewhere underwrites my existence.

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  2. In FDR’s words, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Truer words have seldom been spoken by a politician. I turn firmly away from fear and walk in Love with my eyes wide open. Don’t want to miss a nanosecond of It! 😉 xoxoM


    1. Thank you for that quote. I like that spirit! I’m visualizing a scenario where if faced with a person which is a potential risk to your own life, is it possible to switch gears from fear to love, knowing that the person(s) is/are insecure or seeking attention by doing possible damage due to unfortunate circumstances in his/ her life?

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      1. I think, perhaps, simply standing in our own power, in our own Love, may be a beginning. While it is difficult to release ourselves from human perception and understanding of Love and fear, it is possible to develop the practice of standing in our own power, Love, and allowing It to effect the change, as appropriate, detached from ego. 😉 xoxoM

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  3. fine line between fear and love in my humble opinion, though I love reading yours, this has me thinking longer today. Can fear develop out of too much love? Can love take away fear? Two questions that only can have answers in a healthy relationship between humans. if the balance is tipped for one party to be in control of the other then fear takes over place and maybe replaces it completely. What do they have in common? Power and imagined authority over us, when in fact they are only human too. Did I come even close to your superior intellectual mind?

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    1. You are too kind: my goal is not to use jargon to convey intellectual at all. It’s taken me a decade to reduce jargon in my language and try to be easily relatable. Thanks
      I like that you saw both, including the flip side as possible. You really gave it a lot of thought and that’s the goal.
      Old thoughts haven’t taken us to Peace. Thus, new thoughts are so welcome.
      Don’t you think that love leading to fear would be more about close friends and family?
      Giving love instead of our fear to someone monsterrish, is what I request (unless your instinct kicks in and dictates otherwise).

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    1. I’m so glad you did. Thank you! That’s exactly what I mentioned in one of my other posts: They are just regular people like you and me.
      I liked the misunderstood reasoning. Maybe they are misunderstood, and go through so much drama to prove themselves to be understood in a way they feel good. I was of the view that it’s a cry for attention and compensatory power.

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    1. Definitely possible. As I’d updated later, I limited the list to people words and that I’m brainstorming. My personal view hovers around the common trait being: seeking attention and varied levels of power which connects right back to like you said, insecurity.
      Thanks for your interest!

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