IF, a habit?

(My British friends, please have faith through some of this historical pattern … It does get better!)

If England hath no King…
If the Vikings had not invaded England
If the English hath no tortures subjected
If the English had no need to be the first to explore,
If the English hath no need emerging for greater power
If the English hadn’t seen the mission of spreading their way of life to the world
If the English hadn’t seen their way as the right way
If the English didn’t infect the world with Victorianisms
If the English hadn’t set up colonies everywhere
If the English hadn’t seen their invaded as primitive
If the English hadn’t enforced their language, their isms
If the English hadn’t treated people like darkies or dogs
If the English hadn’t been building deadly weapons
If the English hadn’t accepted it fair to leave people in peace
If the English hadn’t tired of resistance, gone back
If the English hadn’t reconsidered their role in history
If the English hadn’t learnt from their mistakes
If the English hadn’t opened their minds and doors
If the English hadn’t unified the world through language,
If the English hadn’t installed the technology they left behind
If the English didn’t revere so much their Queens
If the English didn’t hold on to Royal symbolism
If the English hadn’t standardized government, systems

If the Americans
didn’t repeat

Atleast one of worlds’ cultures may have evolved or at least retained a different system, albeit in another language, maybe in small measure, that would have been fair to diversity and respecting peoples for who they are.

Today If any One Family, or system in any part of the world, were to try to spread so many of its beliefs and build systems out of their own confidence and insecurities, we would hush them with a few choice words, fully understanding the purpose of their symbolism.

Since it is in the past,
we hold on,
and on …

We change spellings.
We change accents.
We change clothes.
We change food.
We change minds.
We change others.
It’s a timely want
to change
We can’t

We laugh at ourselves
But the sameness …
Lingers on
We don’t

We made IF
a habit.



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