Do you love Gray?

Gray stood undecided, against a cream wall, with an embossed floral pattern lacing across the length and width of it. She was unsure and waiting patiently.
You see, Gray had to! She was born out of the marriage of Black and White, who were a stark contrast. She stood leaning towards one and then the other, shifting her feet, elegant but needy.
Her designer arrived in time to finish her vast universe of a dress for the performance tonight. She flourished a maroon border with soft gold whispers kissing all along the flowing intricate weave.
Gray looked gorgeous, modestly representing a glamorous family, and simply gathering around the expanse, swiftly gaining enough power to generate a lightening storm.
The audience thunder-clapped in a standing ovation all the way to a roaring applause, ending in tears of joy gushing down to nourish the silent earth.


6 thoughts on “Do you love Gray?

  1. i never knew gray growing up, my box of colours never had gray. so i never knew how to deal with gray when he showed up in my life and scarred me with hurts and fears I still find hard to erase, so no, I don’t love gray.

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