Teach on! Regardless …

“Knackered only till you hunker down and choose to love what you do.” Thinkinkadia

A few years ago, as a new substitute teacher, I used to come home from teaching other people’s classes and once in a while, be so knackered that I would lay down to recover before interacting with my family. A few years later, I decided this was the job of my choice. And there went the word Knackered, forever.

I used to call it classroom terrorism. They still call it partytime. Some adults also ‘understand’ the students’ need for fun. I have honestly met more scary defiance from student teenagers than teens captured for weilding a gun.

I guess it has something to do with the onus of responsibility and sense of purpose. The variable of territoriality remains the same. It’s their area, they know it better, you are the outside element, and they are going to get you, even at a cost to themselves. Terror mannerism.

Or, is terrorism, needing a new word in the adult world? But for the politics behind it, everything else seems pretty similar.

What makes a child 1/4th or sometimes 1/5th your age, disrespect you is the ‘stranger element.’ You are not neither their parent who is going to provide food, clothing, and shelter; nor the teacher who is going to grade them or mediate between home and school.

Older kids want to see if you really care enough about them to ignore their misconduct. Younger ones want to try experiments against authority figures that they can get away with. The little ones don’t like change and don’t know how to manage their energy or their attitudes. See the pattern.

And then the ones you’ll meet anywhere are the ones needing love but asking for it through negative attention. Wherever you go, whatever the age, there are a few people I learned I will meet who need to be heard. Listen on.

In the end, that’s the job. Listen to them, love them, or respect them, and when absolutely necessary, discipline with words or consequences. Teach on, regardless.

It never ceases to amaze me that eventually they grow up and realize what is the right way, if you stayed strong in the right choice. Having mixed feelings about this thankless job?

As a parent, one knows it all works out for the better in the long run, or atleast till life is done😉

🤐Published few hours ago using an old digital draft(!) on April 28, 2017, and it dispersed moodily. Thus, re-posted. Please consider this the real one. I will have to delete the other soon as I can find it😉 Apologies

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