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No Purpose can be a Good Thing(k)!


“Have we become so selfish a people, insecure a species, that when we are nice to another person for none other reason than courtesy to another human being,
it gives rise to red flags about a need or discrete purpose?” Thinkinkadia

There is none so grateful as me-
For u joined me in the conversation
Where fun is cool …
looking into significant social
issues is awesome too!

🙏     A HUGE THANK YOU     🙏
for being a part of thinkinkadia.



An exploration into perspectives that make day to day life sane, insane, unique, or fun.

4 thoughts on “No Purpose can be a Good Thing(k)!

    1. That’s the point! When it’s so simple, it is made complicated for no earthly reason. It’s like making scrambled egg from a recipe book, which tells you to buy a 2,000$£€¥ blender and then raise a chicken to lay an egg to be ….

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