O to the Beheaders

Which God promotes it?
Every religion has done it.
Dark ages, stark ages,
We are failing all our sages.
The mankind,
thru human unkind.

Does nature allow it,
As a way to give peace?
Does being civilized allow it
As a way to balance populace?

Is it an accomplished (un)kind of feeling
as you slice a human head and send it reeling?
Is beheading the beheader the logical punishment?
Is slicing up people a way to get
heavenly commitment?

Ask the designer of these techniques inhuman,
Or the trainer of intelligent agencies super-human:
Have you dominated enough of those near?
Instilled enough fear in your not so dear?

How do you make people forget
these murdering thrills;
your desired treat you now get?
They’re still cooking the hills-
generations after you got your
piece of cake, hors-d’oeuvre.

Habits that kill hard,
DIE hard.

While you move on true.
Dominate, justify too.
Weapons and commerce –
scores, medals, purpose.
Peace of mind or land won?
Peace be within you when done.



20 thoughts on “O to the Beheaders

  1. This is a most excellent poem and message .. Deep truth, one that more are awakening to..
    Keep spreading your light and awareness my friend.. And after some negotiation I managed to find your posts at the bottom of your blog. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful re-visit and comment. I am hoping people will be objective in their analyses of what they hear through the media and relate with it better than seeing as an unfortunate incident happening in a random forsaken place.

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      1. The problem with the world to day my friend is that the actions of a few get attached and labeled to the many.. We live in a world of labels.. and I would sooner take as I find.. And there is far more good out there in the world than the bad.. Its just that the bad is being channeled straight into peoples homes and lives. If we had a good news channel, now.. there in the world would be a different place..
        Blessings to you and yours 🙂

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        1. That is so true! I’m so glad to meet like-minded writers here.
          This is precisely why I don’t have/approve of television and hope that good news encourages nice trends. I also wish that media let the bad news be presented/seen in non-inspiring perspective.
          In particular, I refer to two military personnel beheaded recently, and through this poem consider variables that enable humans to engage in such choices.
          Appreciate your valuable participation in moving the discussion at a thoughtful level.

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