Wow factor in Anthems and Music

Surfing through a borderless youtube with a question in my mind, I realized that Local people have such a passion for their land and culture. Why not sample a few anthems to see what atleast one nation feels about the country/continent they live on? To wordpress it on ‘Paper,’ here are links to a few of my selections today. As I heard them, I had my patriotic feelings rise with each of their soul stirring music. I was like a Transient soul floating through a musical river, being changed by sharing the rich spirit of strangers, performing their best for their countries!

Most passionate solo: USA
Whitney Houston – Star Spangled Banner – YouTube

Most creative (first half of video) in the himalayas: the complete vocal part is in a collage of best musicians of India in the second half.
JaNa GaNa MaNa – AR RaHMaN`z (w/translation) – YouTube

The most amazing age and size of performing choir:
Russian National Anthem – Children’s Choir At The Mariinsky Theatre St. Petersburg – YouTube

Appreciating a beautiful land and people:
The Official Full Version Of The Australian National Anthem With Lyrics – YouTube

Energy and passion:
Hino Nacional do Brasil – Londres 2012 – Brazil’s National Anthem Lyrics – YouTube

Good intentions and spirited thought:
North Korean National Anthem – “Aegukka” (KO/EN) – YouTube

What a grand emotional tour it took me on! My day is made and my hopes for peace between all nations is running on a Loop. Enjoy!



18 thoughts on “Wow factor in Anthems and Music

    1. I know what you mean! I was just following a train of thought and researching a connection between anthem and national spirit, which generally conveys very well through the music/ videos.
      Some countries displayed a lot of weaponry in their videos … priorities! These were the relatively peaceful ones.

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        1. Its Awesome! Thank you! From the anthem I can feel its a peace loving country. Btw, the words: raja, selamat, rehamat, and (ber) takhta are hindi words with same meaning. Some other familiar words had a totally different connotation, as is usual😉

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          1. a lot of our words are borrowed due to early Majapahit influence hence you see the similarities. It was written to strengthen the bonds between the many diverse races and religions under one flag that hope to live peacefully together. I am so touched how you took the time to go through the song in such detail! We are a hodge podge mix of people, colour and flavour!

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          2. Thank you for that information! I guess many countries on popular trading routes, must have had a good pot-pourri of races, as well as those who invaded to get riches, left memories😉behind or stayed back.
            India is like that too, thats why we had unified only to fight for freedom from colonisation.

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