A little secret … A huge treasure!

Armed with a dream and a shovel,
I dig into the forgiving for giving earth;
She moves delighted, makes room, asks,
“What is it you bring, sweet suspense you mask?”

I think I surprise her, naively show off
my raid on colour, boastful aquisitions.
Pink, lavender, blossoms giant red,
like sleeping beauty, shall rest in her arms, her bed.

In the hole, a raindrop blesses whole,
rocks, roots, mysteries live like a wet mole.
Out they go, make room, Bury kitchen shreds,
Plant in. Working worms and bugs, composting our dreads.

The earth nurtures a tryst with sun and magic,
from love, our airs, organic matter not tragic;
She Collages all to blooming fruition in the raining mist-
giving her best, pushing through every human twist.

There’s the secret: organic and natural,
Brings best Grit out of earth, plants, and us all.
A huge treasure! To nurture, loving ways unseen,
Children like flowers, spread joyous sunbeams!


8 thoughts on “A little secret … A huge treasure!

    1. Thanks! It come and goes, I guess. Sometimes, depends on the eyes of the beholder. Either way, its all part of the process.
      Your comment can be read in two ways: “Meaningful after long time.” 😉 I’m sure you mean this one: “Meaningful, after long time?”

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