Lolly all the way!

The word <ahref=””>Lollipop had several interesting variations and I made up a short story using all of them. Please put your own version below if you’d like to, for fun.

The three brothers had loblolly for breakfast and then went to work at the dockyards for just lollipops! The trio quit work and went lollygagging around the beach eating lollipops. At dinner though, their father had heard enough of their misadventures and he sure did a lolly!

Meaning of each word form:
1. Lollipop: a small bribe, money.
Hard candy, treat.
2. Lollygagging: idling time away as on vacations
3. Loblolly: thick gruel
4. Idiom: do one’s lolly- to lose one’s temper (australian slang)


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