Seashells on the beach of life

Amazing talented people who
knowledgeable, creative too.
Unceasing wonders surprise yay,
unexpected turns, life’s journey.

Wondering who I will run into next
person, experience, book, creature vexed.
Meeting human n spirits nice
common hobby, perspectives entice.

Brains! Come up awesome ideas.
surprise people, even shock;
Friendly or not people some,
happy for their joy n success.

Respect others’ choice n space,
wishing them a better day, no race.
Always looking for hidden treasures,
things to learn, try in even measure.

Walking through a museum of life,
artifacts there for a reason, connections rife.
Short life, learn everyday, passions whirl,
Still witness awesomeness of this World!

Appreciating what all is humanly possible and the person who carries the surprises Hidden within, like seashells on the beach!

Thank you for being YOU! Would you like to share with me a little bit about you that might surprise someone.🤗


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