Two pesty rhymes n pesky puzzles

Pests are Best!

To bee or not to centipede🐝

“Hum-choo! Hum-choo!” said the bee.
Poor thingz been down with a cold you see.
She is a baby bee, a little humbug bee.

O-man had a very slow pet critter you see,
he wondered why she took so long to leave?
“Well, I had to put on my shoes,” said the centipede.

Ever wondered of pesky Pests?

Ant so confused for all his uncles were “ants”!
A snail on a ship, is a snailor you see.
A rabbit with beetles all over it, is Bugs Bunny.
Ants come to a picnic but never ever invited.
Fly never lands on the computer, due to its fear of the world wide web.
Whats grounded and hundred feet up in air: A centipede on its back!

Pesty and Pesky, puzzles and giggles,

Personified and bugged out too-

Riddles a risky, with a pint of whisky,

might just help to get muddled, inside-out few!




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