Lets first learn: How Its Made -Toothbrush – YouTube

This one promises to be better: BOIE! Let’s find out.

Boie USA: The Toothbrush of the future by Boie USA — Kickstarter

Oops! What’s this?!


One line tells all😉 “its still material that will take up room in the womb of our earth!” Are there better options?

Back to Old-fashioned good sense: neem branch. Bitter, but true to earth and good for gum-teeth health! I wish neem grew everywhere so I could try.

If you survived this post so far, I have a special tip for you:

Become a caring dentist,

do cost -effective treatments,

take over colgate, the big ones


save the Earth and LIVES!

After all, so many health issues are related to teeth and what/how we EAT!

Save the Planet from self-styled Dental Demi-Gods!

Thank you



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