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Thorough Thesaurian Raid on Casual!

Speaking Casually …

Just stopped by to say Hi!,
Hope you have a relaxed day.
I’m quite unconcerned about
what we do today-
As long as we have a family friendly way.

Dressed informal at home n play,
unceremonious is the mood high.
We are easygoing, hope you are free and easy, too.
People at the park are laid-back
In a fun, casual atmosphere.

Formal can annoy without much thought
premeditated plans are a pain. Going to the theater,
we gave a fortuitous, cursory glance at the posters-
in an adventitious moment,
A random impromptu serendipitous day!

A perfunctory, superficial in passing
fleeting glimpse of casualness-
hasty n brief consultation with each other!
Another casual glance and a quick decision,
Utterly zombified and amused for two hours!

Today is a celebration in offhand, spontaneous, activities:
UNdated UNday! Tomorrow: Happy SUNday!
UNpremeditated, unthinking, unconsidered, too!
UNexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, uncaring, unconcerned, UNplanned, unintended, casual, Happy Day to You!



An exploration into perspectives that make day to day life sane, unique, or even fun!

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