Thorough Thesaurian Raid on Casual!

Speaking Casually …

Just stopped by to say Hi!,
Hope you have a relaxed day.
I’m quite unconcerned about
what we do today-
As long as we have a family friendly way.

Dressed informal at home n play,
unceremonious is the mood high.
We are easygoing, hope you are free and easy, too.
People at the park are laid-back
In a fun, casual atmosphere.

Formal can annoy without much thought
premeditated plans are a pain. Going to the theater,
we gave a fortuitous, cursory glance at the posters-
in an adventitious moment,
A random impromptu serendipitous day!

A perfunctory, superficial in passing
fleeting glimpse of casualness-
hasty n brief consultation with each other!
Another casual glance and a quick decision,
Utterly zombified and amused for two hours!

Today is a celebration in offhand, spontaneous, activities:
UNdated UNday! Tomorrow: Happy SUNday!
UNpremeditated, unthinking, unconsidered, too!
UNexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, uncaring, unconcerned, UNplanned, unintended, casual, Happy Day to You!


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