🎹(R)ambling Al(r)ongs🎶

As I ambled n rambled n trampled along,
On dead n read leaves, beds o’ flowers furlong;
T-tippity, t-tappity, jus singin’ a song,
Aye play n twist n hop o’er seemin’ al’rongs.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/amble/”>Amble</a&gt;


11 thoughts on “🎹(R)ambling Al(r)ongs🎶

    1. I’ve contacted the help desk at WP. No response or solution. My posts havent been linking to the Daily Post site for two months now!
      Maybe I got black-listed for doing those weekly responses to multiple prompts😉😱

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      1. Annoying for you. Happened to me and it turned out my stuff was being classed as spam, often happens by accident it seems. They should have replied though. Think I used Help and contacted an engineer but can’t remember. Unless you’ve been putting 15+ tags/categories? Anyway good luck!

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