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Spicy is Nicey!

Spicy is very nicey!
Capsaicin is pricelessy.

Risk-reducing stroke, heart,
n damaging LDL for a start.

Regulates sugar in sweetnation                                                      diabetes; n fights inflammation.

Aids in longevity this way,
Will make cancer prevention sway.

Healthier heart in a trance,
Sexy or not, good for romance.

Sweating steams calories away,                                                                           thus, lose weight not your mind.

Increases pain in mouth,
Reduces pain elsewheres.

Promotes digestion woohoo!
Fights infection for you!

and for starver emptiness,
leading to happy fullness.

Clearing congestion in
Nose, arteries, and skin.

Excess takes numbers away,
Adding years to life’s way!




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