Mirror! Mirror!

Mirror! Mirror! On the Wall,
Which is the fair-est of them all?
Who do you see now? Isnt is.
Who did you see then? Wasnt whiz.
Going by the moody reflection
What you see, simply an illusion.
Build who you want to see!
Deliver the you, the Wannabe.



10 thoughts on “Mirror! Mirror!

  1. …However I am no longer a wannabe…
    When I was a wannabe, I kept wanna-ing all the time and not ever getting to where I wannabe…. SO now, I am an arebe … not to be confused with roast beef and cheddar

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    1. Lets say wannabe as in whatever one wants to be. Not limiting to a wannabe competing with the Jones’s and Smiths, fulfilling wants and desires only.
      πŸ˜‰I like arebe, the beef n cheddar reference! For those not familiar, let me spell the fast food companies name on which you made the pun: Arby’s.
      In that sense, Im a ‘Be’- be the same with all, in reasingly!

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