Whatever will Be, will Be!

Have you ever had a day that makes you wonder if there is really something to the idea of “getting up on the wrong side of the bed?”
You see, todays been a day like no other.
Unusual maybe.
What’s with these U’s today? A U day! Definitely not a me day! If you ask me what happened, then you see, the answer is Unusual too!
Nothing happened. As in, zero value things happened, anyway.
Heat index high. Zero airconditioning efficiency.
Went to the clinic for a routine test. They are supposed to be open. Closed.
Wanted to take in a movie. Both choices not until 75 minutes later.


Went groceries, child sweetly passive, unable to ‘rise’ up to the occasion! A consequence is ineffective because it was accepted😂 without desired result.
And then I start blabber c(m)oping. Even that was low quality! Performance score 2 on a Wow Scale of one to ten. I start singing, “It’s not my day today, 🎶” and words start a game of tag, chasing each other like they have olympic aspirations.
Inevitably, we end up laughing about the possibility of the odds of such a series of unfortunate events. Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be🎵

Finally, the child becomes a volunteer and walks into the store with me  and everything starts looking up again. Is it real or surreal?

Not my day, so what would you like: Going home to love the heat, when you are Spirit-U-Ally dead beat?

Lets Organize our thoughts in such a way to make it Your Day, and enjoy it together😉!

P. S. Its worth talking about it because its fun laughing at others’ mishap, so why not give the 🎁story away 😉


5 thoughts on “Whatever will Be, will Be!

    1. Oh no! I wouldnt either. Nor even at someone’s back unless someone has personally attacked me or something🤗
      I was coming from the the place that: Human nature wise, we tend to laugh at others’ such moments easily. We found it funny n laughed at our situation, too! So anyone else who needs a laugh, here’s a gift 🎁 of one!


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