Reciting Bits n Bytes!

As we grew up with technology and life became easier, I believe we wanted similar things even in the adult world.

We have reached the point of perfection where we seek those toys back in our lives to keep life familiar or simple. Instead of accepting people in training who might take a little while to learn how to do that job well for you.

Then again, he or she may not be as easy to manage as this one. For example: Automated Secretary (Reciting lines off a computer screen or worse, text to voice from recorded database).
“Good Morning! Thank you for your call. Please hold. We will be with with you shortly. Your call is very important to us. Press 1 for sales. Press 2 for customer support. Press 3 for shipping.” Further onto a specific department:
“Press 1 for Dumb. Press 2 for Dumber.”

Dress up Games Customize:
Automated Secretary Avatar: Choose!

Virtual Assistant Denise 2012 Guile 3D Studio Kristanna Loken Skin – YouTube

Wow! Automated Secretary’s Voice: Customise! Choose!
Which voice would you like?
👩🏻‍⚕️Meet the real woman behind the voice of Siri – YouTube

At this point I cannot say that I’m making any effort to keep up with any of the modern technologies, except my phone for ‘writing!’

Its a conscious choice for me. I believe it is good for us to be in touch with human beings like ourselves, who need jobs. Besides its good to be in touch with our natural abilities.

Each to their own! Enjoy the new Avatars, voices, and all these amazing choices!

via Daily Prompt: Recite



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