Chaos: Us Vs. Them

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Its the end of a successful but crazy busy week between school and schools of thought. In an effort to synchronize minds, hearts, and bodies; its been an interesting experience. Sometimes excitement or sleep take over, and other times, impatience. Between laughs or stories, and alarm clocks as well as ‘Oh no kind of alarms’, there’s a quiet little insight or a loud fright.

Then again, we believe education and educating must be done. Will all this chaos, whip up a storm of creativity, leadership, inventions, or research into chaos good enough to compete with lifes’ storms like Harvey?

While that storm is raging in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to slow down, I wonder, if Nature speaks to us through chaos; be it chaos of life education or storms in life. Since we inhabit this planet, we must listen to its ways- whether we call it education, superstition, Co-existing or Competing Gods, or Nature’s mysterious ways.

We may or may not be effected by a storm like Harvey, but we may be effected by zero education.
Which is worse?

We may or may not be suffering sickness, disease, or death; but we may be possessed crazily about money, health, isolation, or gregariousness.
Which is better?

We may or may not be impacted by poverty or malnutrition, but we may be impacted by false confidence, leading to greed for power.
Which is manageable?

Chaos: Us Vs. Them?

Gratitude: Thanks for reading or taking any action related to my thoughts I share at Thinkinkadia🙏


5 thoughts on “Chaos: Us Vs. Them

  1. Ha, we meet again my friend 🙂
    Interesting analogies, since they all have a paradox in common; order.

    Weird huh? Yes, out of order eventually ensues entropy, and visa versa. These cycles are not so unique after all to the human mind as we probably think, since we are such a dynamic species.

    Lets take your 3 main points as an example;

    1) Education
    To be or not to be? A storm passes by with it’s savagery and then is gone, leaving what it may with its indelible conscience, lack of education on the other hand, dispenses her reward, in the form of the emptying of the human spirit. One can count on both, to in circle our fates until the Earth is no more but only one can be changed.

    2) Money, health, isolation and gregariousness;
    Gregariousness polar opposite of isolation, yet still, one cannot exist without the other. Also ironic is money and health, it can be said that one cannot attain health without money in today’s monetary society, unlike the storm, who needs neither money, nor health friends or not.

    3) False confidence, greed and power;
    Greed and power are not unlike the storm, the storm is greedy in it’s voracious appetite, all consuming until her power is diminished, as humans, our lust for these two aspects are quite similar, and run the deepest rabbit holes in our psyche. They are the most primal instincts other than pure, innate survival.

    False confidence can often be misunderstood for either “arrogance” or “confidence,” It has been said; “He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise – follow him.”

    Discernment is the lynch pin to wisdom, and wisdom is acquired through living life, education allows an avenue to a higher plane of thought and progress, wisdom cannot be taught in a school, greed and power are not “taught” it acquired and then held through avarice and arrogance.

    A storm is neither friend or foe, it exists through natural processes, conjured in the name of nothing in-particular, so when asking the question; “Which is worst?”

    Ask instead, “Which one is easiest for us to change?”

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