I’m Poor. Are you?


I’m poor in technology,
business sense,
timeliness, and
Remembering dates n names.
What about YOU?!

Is it a choice to be poor?
Poor in character.
Poor in planning.
Poor in earnings.
Poor in spending wisely.
Poor in courtesy.
Poor in ethics.
Poor in sharing.
Poor in empathy.
Poor in coordination.
Poor in a non-familiar culture.
Poor in a foreign language.
Poor in love.
Poor in giving.
Poor in lifting those below you.
Poor in writing.
Poor in understanding.

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Poor in strength.
Poor in imagination.
Poor in luck.
Poor in self-esteem.

Poor in ?

“Lets dignify the poor! For we all are poor in some area of our life.”


23 thoughts on “I’m Poor. Are you?

    1. Thats an awesome way to look at it, Susie! We have to align our thoughts to what works for us.
      I would like to point out that if we consider the less fortunate, I believe we might see strengths in others who we may consider poor. In that sense, increasing tolerance in community for people who might have hidden richness of qualities. Unfortunately, some people get dismissed, just because they are not similar to our own strength.

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      1. I was so week for 30 years of my life, and I alone turned it around, by fighting every day of my life. I was so poor, no television, phone, hand me down clothes from neighbors when I was little. Now I appreciate everything, and everyone.

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        1. That IS amazing! I cant say I struggled in such circumstances as a child. But life averages and teaches all. But just like you, I do appreciate everything and all I meet. Thank you for bringing your perspective here, because its the personal experiences that inspire us all!

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          1. Today the lady in front of me didn’t have enough money to pay for her groceries, she was elderly, and struggled to walk. When she had completed her transaction I said to the teller to put her items into her cart, and put it on my bill. The lady was so happy and appreciative, and so was the cashier.

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    1. Thank you, Ren! You are so right about the state of mind. As is happiness.
      My point was to highlight that tolerance and respect towards those are not as lucky, comes from a place where we realize that all of us have different weaknesses and strengths.

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