Paying Homage 2

via Daily Prompt: Magnetic Personalities.

Contd. from yesterday:

And then my thoughts went to three people who changed the world forever: Hitler, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi. The first name needs no mention in a space for homage. The second, an icon of selfless love and universal peace. The third, M. K. Gandhi, who most comprehensible of the three, is remembered as the man behind non-cooperation movement, bringing India freedom after understanding colonialism objectively and winning the struggle non-violently. He experimented his whole life to prove things to himself and to others, which is hard to do, on a daily basis, in the public eye, moving a whole nation along with him, and unknowingly, the world across borders.


P. S. My homage is going to be in five parts this week. It all comes together in the end, on friday.

Hang in there with me,
For in the end I make a PLEA.


11 thoughts on “Paying Homage 2

  1. Have forgotten what I said in my original comment on this post … a new thought, however, is that without evil (personified here by Hitler) we would not appreciate so strongly the example given to us by people trying to do good (here Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi). As the poet William Blake said, ‘Without contraries, no progress’. And as Nietzsche said, ‘Life is neither good nor bad – it is interesting’. It also helps mutual understanding if we recognise that we are all a mixture of good and bad traits, rather than being too ready to stand in judgment over others.

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    1. No problem. Just wanted to make sure that every view was considered.
      Lovely! I wish everyone understood people in that light: looking for each others’ strengths, knowing that we have weaknesses of our own.
      Thank you so much for going back to this post after my technology mishap😄

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    1. Thanks Kamal for your reminder and comment.
      This week I am paying homage to people and concepts of my choice, thus he is mentioned as powerful being but not in the name of peace. So he didnt qualify my list here😉

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    1. Yes, you are right. Each one teaches by his or her being. Thats why he qualified to be listed as a magnetic personality (for his time n people), but most of us learned what NOT to do😉 from him.
      But since Im listing a series of people i pay homage to, he didnt qualify for my homage, though he drastically changed the world.
      Thanks Bindu for pausing to share and comment.

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