Paying Homage 3

via Daily Prompt: Rhyme


After paying homage to people who inspired me, now I’d like to do the same for two concepts.

Today I wish to pay homage to freedom and wish that everyone gets the taste of it atleast once in their lifetime. And then, I hope they have the courage, to make it happen for others, as a duty and a responsibility.

What is freedom? The dictionary defines it as the “power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

And who doesn’t or would not love that! People all over the world love their own interpretation of freedom. Once tasted, its like one is addicted on the spirit of freedom for life. Its one of those things which grow exponentially for you and others around you. Infectious! Magical! And, there is no end, for it grows on forever! I wrote  a rhyme about freedom:

“Cant live without it,
In chains inspite of it.
Wind when beneath its’ wing,
Makes a heart so precious, sing!”

There are others who want to curtail it because they would like a slice of history to be brought back to life in these modern, uncertain times. Or, to sort out someone else because they dared to be free. A new unknown.

I personally, hope they get a taste of relative freedom. On Friday I will explain why I made this wish for them.


7 thoughts on “Paying Homage 3

    1. Thanks for a good quote. Mother or daughter aside, I agree that freedom and order get along together and have sequential relevance. But I’m not sure that its suggested familial linkage offers any guarantee of order implying peace.

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      1. I think the idea is that if people live in freedom and personal autonomy, they naturally and spontaneously develop the means of governing themselves as equal citizens. It’s idealistic but I broadly agree with it.


        1. When I was a cave dweller, life was like that!😄
          I agree with you there. If we strive for living like equal citizens, even though idealistic, atleast our strivings are continuously moving towards a positive goal.

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