Enamored with the Unknown!

Paying Homage 4

via Daily Prompt: Enamored

Lastly, the Unknown. I pay homage to the Unknown, the other concept that is an awesome thrill till overcome, till we reach the next one! An old or new: unknown is ‘not known’ and needs the owner of the conscious adventure to think, prepare, and face the risk!

It is the unknown that drives all our fears, petty or otherwise. How we treat the Unknown, is a fascinating process:

fear it,

grow in facing it,


retaliate through avoidance;

either way, the forces that drive us to make one of these three choices; and the courage that helps us win over one unknown at a time for ourselves, and maybe, for our world. To this Unknown, I pay homage, because it is this that takes us to our rise and fall, and enables survival of the fittest, as human beings.

I hope we learn to face our fears early, because they effect (build, or destroy) our whole adult lives, families, and the globally significant choices, we make.

P. S. A sum up of the homage worthy people, concepts, and your comments on those posts tomorrow, leading to an appeal on Friday.



7 thoughts on “Enamored with the Unknown!

    1. Thank you for your compliments! Help me out here.
      That is the point. Either we overcome our fears on our own steam. Or, if following faith in Him, then there should be no fear, knowing that all will be taken care of. Right? It has to be one way or the other. Or, the faith is incomplete in self or higher power. How do you see it?

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      1. Welcome and from my limited way I can just say that we can with a sheer will power get out of our fears and change the way we leave by listening to motivational speakers, or read books that will tell us how to calm down or do meditation for letting our fears go. The best for me would be to catch hold of Him who knows us all and have utmost faith and surrender in Him and he will surely guide you and let you out of your so called fears and worries in his own way slowly and steadily but we have to hold on to him and not say that Lord you are not helping me and I am still having fear. Remember we are all living till our Karmas last and this is a world of Illusion, nothing is permanent this is not our house, nor this is our body all is temporary so why fear and for what tell your ego and mind I am k and all is well in my world and I have complete faith in myself and see the difference. I hope i could little bit explain from my point of view. Do not worry and fear but simply be happy and be in the Now.

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        1. Beautiful way of seeing life! Thanks for explaining your perspective so well. I stand enriched to be able to peek into your heart and mind that provides joy to all. Appreciate your ability to delve deep and pull out a generous share. 💞


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