“Not Peculiar, but the Norm.”

“Not Peculiar, but the Norm.”

Of the two feathers, which do you like better? And, why?


We could reject it as meaningless. On the other hand, we could learn something from it.

Picking feathers for interest is unusual for me to do. The polka dotted one I picked a while back, for beauty and then left it in one of my plants.

But the contrasting black/white one struck me as very odd. I found it today and I wondered why I didn’t like it. I realized that, I deal with the adolescent expressions about the under-currents of the racism theme, and I tended to treat it as a childish concern. Simply because, growing up with diversity, I had learned to respect all.

The more I heard them, I realized that childspeak, is the mirror to society. They represent their families and that to me is very relevant. But all we can do, is set an example for equality and Be It. No matter what experiences come our way.

Then I put both the feathers together and compared and it said to me co-existing colours are prettier than those divided.


I believe that the current need of what to believe across cultures is:
“Co-existing is not just necessary, it is more beautiful.” Thinkinkadia.

P. S. These pics below are from google search but bring out the feather beauties better. I found NO image to match my half white/black feather. Odd indeed. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on ““Not Peculiar, but the Norm.”

    1. Thank you for your read and comment. I agree that for an individual it is great to co-exist with another human, contributing to others lives. In terms of diverse communities, I feel it is the same. When one learns to co-exist with communities of other colour, religion, profession, SES, it is beautiful and enriching to all.

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    1. Thank you for your valuable comment. Definitely we must respect both kinds as they enrich our lives. In terms of our societies, I was hoping if we co-exist with people of various backgrounds, as them enriching our lives, then our society and persona would be made more beautiful!

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