Disobey: I.Q., $,💚, or Courage?

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Dis the Obey😉 seems to be the new style of showing confidence in yourself! Whether it be toddlers, teens, or adults. Questions are:
Is it showing a high IQ, as in Genius?
Is it something to be rewarded with dollars or attention?
Is it something to be allowed and loved💚?
Is it a sign of courage, as in Wow factor?

My View:
I do believe that Genius cannot be taught. Allowing kids to misbehave and disobey, rationalizing it to be “So G.T.!”, or “So smart,” or “So talented” is not speaking of natural Genius. When the mind and body is calm, I feel, is when the brain works best in observation and learning. So if we can create calm for the child, or enable the child through expectation, teaching, environment, rules, limited structure, and encouragement; it is then that an observant child learns on his own.
In twelve years of teaching, I have not given any reward, except verbal, to get results from students. Not a single sticker, pencil, or toffees and candies. Sometimes, I have have taken away these kind of distractions for sure, and given back after work is attempted.
To the child, it may seem tough to not to have something to look foward to, but the learning is within, not for anyone else.
The joy of learning is a reward in itself. If it isnt so, then it isnt true Genius!
What do you think? Is ‘taught or encouraged’ disobedience going to get us our Creative Geniuses in the modern world?

The most amazing part of todays research was this (not verified) link, well worth a visit, because you might know someone deserving this prize announced.
📣Sometimes It Pays to Disobey👍
This takes us to a different wavelength of communal good through disobedience. I found these creative non-violent ways of encouraging civil disobedience. A different perspective at community level: as a moral obligation! The debate there is taking a stand against wrong rules in society. These might surprise you or change your thought on social conformity in a non-democratic society.
Many a dynamic change or progress has been made through such daring, courageous steps taken by people for common good.

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