Weak or Courage?

via Daily Prompt: Leaf

Young girls and boys are like the leaves in spring. Little buds, vulnerable and growing to become a beautiful blossom on a tree!

In that sweet anticipation, along comes a moneyed rich old man deprived of magnanimity and grace, who decides to buy the bud off the tree and take it away.

Far away, without water and nourishment, the bud shrivels, and  collapses, way before its time to blossom.

If that is not enough, they come back for more. Why?

Last I heard, it was possible to get many virgins in heaven. Now they are buying virgins here on earth? Therefore, it is appropriate to conclude that heaven exists on earth. Or, is that only for the rich?

So poor people give their life to get virgins in heaven. The rich can buy them off a middleman to make his haven?

Women Of the World! You have immense power and might. Do you want to give it all away for money in Hands that are strong enough to Bless the young, but weak enough to count you as a number in a shared herd? Hands that are capable to build a generation, but cover their own face in front of a camera in shame!


Women, let us work together for understanding as mothers about what can make our boys grow strong in giving; our men feel courageous in the act of respecting another human being. Only a woman knows how and is nurturing and mighty enough to teach respect for women as well as men.

via Daily Prompt: Mighty


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