Not Usually, but here it is!πŸŽ‚

via Daily Prompt: Focused


Today, thinkinkadia turns one year old, and I thought its time to celebrate the Birthday with you all! I couldn’t have survived without your support and encouragement! Its been a wonderful experience and after making a few mistakes, I have learned a little bit. I am still not as good as many of you social media handlers and multi-taskers! IΒ do get all the notifications, just like every WordPresser. But somehow, I tried to stay focussed on being number-free.

I have a long ways to go! In my own little awkward ways, a million appreciations.πŸ’– The posts are now at a 241. A year ago, I wasnt even dreaming of completing ONE week, leave alone one year!

Thank You, WordPress!

Thank You to all visitors, encouraging Likers, and all my dear follow-ers!



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