via Daily Prompt: Launch

No, I’m not talking about Trump ji* and Modi ji. I have been doing injustice to the blog lately. This is because I am struggling with doing a balancing act between technology and creativity. The quota is kapoot😉!

Couple years ago, I met a few editors/ publishers. Lately, I’ve been onto the path of exploring self-publishing channels. And apparently, editors are an expensive affair, a luxury! That eliminated, it leaves me, myself, and I! 😄

Thus, I’m strapped in to facing the tech challenges on the path to publishing on kindle, KDP. For some of you, thats a laughing breeze. For me, its a nightmare in technology. 😄 I should really try a small book or story book or collection of poems. But I have nothing else I want to publish.

Few edits later, artwork done, I’m up for the final edit and going through the last step. Which has a million of its own steps in the process. Its time to launch the book. Something deep down tells me this is the right year for “Terror in Nincompoopia.” Coming Soon.

🍂October says: 🍁Fall 💖for the deadline😉!


*Ji or Jee is a prefix added to people’s name for respect or elders.


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