Elastic to Plastic! Lest we Forget.

Our planet has watched us evolve; letting us stumble and fall, play and laugh, cry and learn, stand up and run with all of our instincts – as we fearfully mastered them.

Now, across the globe, we are fearless masters of our universe(s).  The Earth is telling us across the globe, “… slow down. Stop, Children!  You are masters of your own universe, not The Universe. You are most intelligent on Earth, till you take me for granted and prove yourself foolish! You are the master of your world, not The Planet, Earth.”

The Earth, as in Mother Nature has been elastic in accomodating all of us and our little, wilfull charades and tirades. She reminds us of her rules, reprimands us, like a mother would, and lately, she has been furious at our repeatedly inconsiderate misdemeanours.

We are just pushing our limits, her limits of tolerance as a nurturer, as a parent who wants the best for us. All the current global events, remind me of school or a government office. Its like the superintendent or minister has called for a meeting because there are things out of control in every school, in every department.

Lest we Forget! The earth is being elastic. Lets not give her plastic: in material, attitude, and code of ethics.

Otherwise, its time she taught us a lesson. Be ready!


Be humbly changing.

via Daily Prompt: Elastic


6 thoughts on “Elastic to Plastic! Lest we Forget.

  1. Interesting post. I do my best for the environment by buying and using less plastic, creating less waste and recycling. I use canvas bags, don’t buy takeaways (luckily I don’t like coffee), and am more conscious of what I consume and throw away. But it’s not easy, I’m old enough to remember a time when food was wrapped in paper, not plastic. I think packaging and labelling controls should be stricter; the fat/sugar/salt/calorie content on foods should be displayed on the front of packaging alongside the recycling information, with companies given a deadline of when to make all packaging recyclable.

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    1. Hey Jane! Thanks for stopping by. Very cool. Yes, paper packaging was practical, wasn’t it?! Thanks for being a conscientious consumer. I keep my garbage and trash piles low by only buying out-of-the-box/ -can foods.
      Good idea there on recycling! Its definitely possible. Though, where there’s a law, there is an outlaw😉

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