Inner Utopia!

Each of us have a little fun loving fool inside of us. A little place where we think the world of our silly thoughts and ideas. I call it the inner utopia, because life is perfect here. And since everyones sense of utopia is different, we make society insanely crazy, nincompoop like!

Sometimes our experiences tame those into silence and at times growth helps in molding them into civil responses.

This book is a fictional account about certain types of people found globally, and their little Nincompoop-ish Utopia😉 Thus the name!

“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”

(I must clarify: On Kindle Direct Publishing only!)

It is either brave or foolish to give a title like this, in these times. But have faith in me. 

DLTGP 💙 13 days

Meet the characters: starting next week! 

via Daily Prompt: Brave


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