Enlightening Enlightenment.

East Vs. West or West vs. East? Two different views on enlightenment. This is an interesting Rap song about it. Limitations are that its only Chinese Vs. European, but still brings out the difference in how the word enlightenment is understood across the regions.

My view is that if the Enlightened talk about Reason, then should we limit to a region or perspective? Or is it time to move forward together? 🤝One can reasonably  understand how enlightenment is a strength: internal or external. Reason or Illusion🤔

10. 31.17. COMING SOON to KDP, Amazon.
“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”

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2 thoughts on “Enlightening Enlightenment.

  1. Entertaining. In reality though, thankfully, we are increasingly finding the harmony between concepts on similar subjects offered by major Western and Eastern religions. Maybe a video showing Jesus and Buddha rapping out the similarities of their perspectives…and then have them joined by a representative of quantum physics?

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    1. What an awesome idea! 😄I think these guys had lots of other such videos, but I didnt check those out.
      Definitely there are a lot of common grounds, just need the for “Harmonizers” (a team from upcoming fiction novel 10.31.17!)


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