Ssssurreal sequence of events

Last year if you’d asked me, I wasn’t ready to publish this book I’d written a decade ago. I interviewed people who had gone back to successful lives, given the right opportunities. I’d held on to it because no one understood the theme. You see, no one wanted to. Its human nature to avoid whats unpleasant, but how long?

But then one of the characters came to life and started doing the things described here. Then another. Then an incident. It was very surreal to me. I stopped completely in my tracks.

To be honest, I thought everyone will not believe it, like i didnt. After starting wordpress, some my friends here believed me and my ideas.

I read others.

I got hope!

I realized that no matter what happens today, I need to be true to my work, and that it has its own life. I must let it go. Thus began the editing process, and I present to you apprehensively, but truly, my lifes work inspired twenty four years ago in Kashmir. 

My study on terrorism, how it comes about, and how we the people, repeatedly ignore the symptoms that warned us of what can go wrong. Therein lies the comedy, there lies the horror.

Each one of us can make our planet safe, if we knew how.

It’s time we face the truth, or the fiction, even if it seems like just a far off story that does not affect our lives …

because it does.


”Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”
 “Inner Utopia” in Header.


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13 thoughts on “Ssssurreal sequence of events

  1. I believe that deep within us we have that capability of Knowing, even though at first our words we write may be first fictitious.. So can quite understand how you were at first amazed at the synchronicity of events..
    Wishing you every success with your book .. And wishing you well my friend

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